The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is sometimes misunderstood. We answer the most common questions we hear about the DPF below

The vast majority of diesel cars now have a DPF, and the equivalent petrol version is also now commonplace. However, what it is and what it does is often misunderstood. The process or cleaning it, looking after it, and maintaining it is often the subject of discussion and confusion.

Diesel Particulate Filter FAQ

1How do I know if my DPF needs cleaning?
Generally, a light will appear on the dashboard that will look like a puff of smoke or soot, although it can vary. If a DPF is clogged, then a fault develops in the system, an orange light will typically appear on the dashboard
2How often does a DPF need cleaning?
The amount of time it takes to clear a DPF depends on the type of filter, the engine’s use, and the mileage driven. Generally, it takes about 500-1,000 miles for a DPF to clear out the collected soot and particulates
3How much does it cost to clean a DPF system?
It varies from place to place, but the regeneration of diesel particulate filter ranges from £160 to £500
4Is DPF cleaning effective at fixing the issue?
Yes, DPF cleaning is recommended to avoid expensive repair bills and keep your car running smoothly.
5What happens if you don’t clean the DPF?
Short journeys at low speeds are the prime cause of blocked diesel particulate filters. If not maintained or if tampered with, there could be serious consequences for your car. Neglecting DPF maintenance can result in plugged DPF, low vehicle power, engine derate, cracked DPF, melted filters, and engine damage
6How long does a cleaned DPF last?
A well-maintained DPF should last for at least 100,000 miles
7Is a blocked DPF an MOT failure?
Yes, a blocked DPF is an MOT failure. Cleaning your DPF will solve the problem.
8Can I drive my car with a blocked DPF?
It’s not recommended to drive your car with a blocked DPF as it can cause serious damage to your engine. If you continue driving with a blocked DPF, you may experience reduced power and fuel economy. In addition, you may also face fines if caught as it’s illegal to remove a diesel particulate filter
9Is a DPf clean the same as a forced regeneration?
No, we do not do forced regeneration. This is a complete cleaning service which is much better for your filter than a regeneration.