DPF Cleaning

We provide a range of DPF Cleaning and Regeneration services for Manchester and Cheshire. Cleaning, Diagnostics, and on and off vehicle services

Welcome to the Carbon Centre, Cheshire. We provide Diesel DPF cleaning and regenaration services for passenger and commercial vehicles, either on vehicle or off vehicle. We have some of the very latest DCS-20 and CC-26 DPF machines, and also offer a pickup and delivery service for free within a 10 mile radius of our workshop in Sale, Manchester. If you are having trouble with your regeneration light coming on, then there is a high chance that your Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) is clogged. Sometimes, a simple regeneration drive wont fix the problem, and that is where you need a dedicated cleaning and repair service. 



  • DPF Clean only
    We can collect your DPF from you personally if have removed it yourself (or deliver it)
  • DPF Remove and clean
    Drive the vehicle to us and we can remove, clean and refit, usually with a one -day turnaround
  • DPF Recover, remove and clean
    In severe cases a DPF can be blocked enough for the vehicle not to be able to run. In this case we can recover the vehicle back to our service centre and carry out the remove and clean service


  • Used as a preventative and ongoing maintenance procedure, usually recommended once a year, we use our CC26 HHO machine to tackle issues of carbon build-up within the DPF using a Smart cleaning system.
  • A unique, specially formulated and atomizing fine mist enters through the air intake and targets the DPF without the need to remove it from the vehicle saving you time and money in the future.
  • We do not force regenerations or split and re-weld DPF’s.

Using a combination of the latest DCS-20 and CC-26 DPF Machines we can offer on-vehicle or off-vehicle DPF cleaning services

We can cater for all types of Diesel car and van,  including passenger and commercial vehicles, plant and marine.

  • Removal and fitting service
  • Diagnostic facilities
  • Free collection and delivery within 10 miles
  • Detailed report with every clean
  • All work carried out in-house