DPF Cleaning and Diagnostics in Manchester

The Carbon Centre is a DPF cleaning company based in Manchester, in the town of Sale. We provide DPF cleaning, SCR cleaning, Engine Cleaning and carbon cleaning, Walnut blasting, and more.

With state of the art DPF equipment and machinery, we can safely and reliably clean and fix your DPF issues on all types of cars, vans, and commercial vehicles. We are specialists in all types of DFP diagnostics and SCR issues and have a range of the highest quality DPF cleaning machines in house. These can do a much more through clean than mobile DPF cleaners. The HCS-20 is our most recent addition and is a state of the art DPF machine used for all of our cleaning services.
We are also a specialist SCR cleaning company and can offer thorough cleaning and diagnostics on all types of Selective Catalytic Reduction units. With a combination of both services you can ensure your car, van, or fleet is operating with optimal efficiency and performance.